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Fabulous Friday Feature 9: Obsessions

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 29, 2012, 8:25 PM
I love TEA stamp by RRRAISweater Weather Stamp by Kezzi-RoseOn Semicolons by VigiloI support DLD by HugQueenI suggest DDs. Do you? by archaemic
Greetings, all, and welcome to my ninth


This week, I'm doing something a bit different. I've done so many wonderful themed features lately, I decided I'd have a bit of a sit-down this week and reflect a bit. So this week, I am going to feature three pieces each by artists I've been obsessed with lately around the site. But there are a LOT of deviants, so bear with me! There are plenty of different styles and media, so there should be something here for everyone. Next week, expect some winter madness! If you've got someone you think should be featured in next Friday's Feature, send me a note with a link to their gallery and I'll take a peek ;) I'd also love to hear about other features, particularly themed ones. I'll list those in the bottom section to help spread the word! The same goes for contests or news articles!

Please favorite this journal and pass it on! And if you liked this feature, be sure to check out the one from last week:

I am ALWAYS seeking donations and nominations for my pay-it-forward project! Last week I was able to donate a three-month membership to the wonderful forestmeetwildfire, who does a fab weekly lit feature (included in the features section!), and I'm only a few hundred points away from being able to give away another one! I want to be able to donate premium memberships to deserving members, so please check out my journal for info on sending nominations:
Pay-It-Forward Project:new:Update: Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, I will not be continuing this project. However, I strongly encourage you all to pay it forward yourselves!

Deviants so far who have received premium memberships as part of this project:

Thank you sososososo much to namenotrequired for helping me to promote this project!
Greetings! I am posting this to let you all know I have decided I want to try to pay the premium membership love forward, and so I am looking for donations to go toward buying premium memberships for other people :) You can find the donation box on my front page. PLEASE DONATE! I'll need lots of help - all contributions are appreciated, no matter how small :)
That's part one, here's part two:
I'm seeking nominations for extra-special deviants, especially those who are really involved in the community, who don't already have a premium membersh

Finally (and then I promise I'll actually get to the features ;) ), I'd like to recommend some light music to accompany this week's feature. If I may suggest:
Take Us Back by Adela Daine
Chimbote by Natalie Royal
Varúð by Sigur Rós
Magpie to the Morning by Neko Case

And now, without any further ado: THE FEATURES!


Visual Art

is a really wonderful young photographer from Belgium who I have been watching for a while. Her pieces are a beautiful combination of directness and wimsy that soothes the soul.

+There's hope in your heart+ by herooftheheadsetShhhh ... by herooftheheadsetcotton candy by herooftheheadset

is a Dutch artist I only discovered recently, but whose fun, colorful artwork and unique style caught my eye.

Wild Animals 15.12.11 by kinachukuDogs eat carrots by kinachukuBreakfast with a Bear by kinachuku

is probably one of my favorite artists of all time. Another Dutch artist, she's someone I've been following for a while, and is my usual go-to artist for new artwork for my apartment. She shares my love of old sagas, and her style captures them perfectly.

Olof by FinngualaSigurd by FinngualaBeam by Finnguala

hardly needs an introduction. I feel a bit silly that I only discovered this AMAZING Polish artist recently (especially since I had fallen in love with one of her pieces ages ago and NOT LOOKED AT HER GALLERY MORE), but I'm addicted now! Her work is exquisite and earthy and fantastical, I love it.

''I think it's a troll garden.'' by STelari:thumb275598086::thumb260343063:

is a Polish metalworker and a newcomer to dA. Her jewelery is delicate and bold at the same time. I look forward to many more gorgeous pieces from her.

Where the wild strawberry grows... II by WhiteTinctureTribal pendant I by WhiteTincture:thumb338434415:

is a talented Russian photographer (seriously, what is it with me and all these European artists? ;) ) whose work always makes me feel breathless with frost - it's always cool and makes me want to put on a cozy sweater.

Brothers by AlvisHamiltonA little-feather girl by AlvisHamiltonKukushonok by AlvisHamilton

is quite an amazing French artist who uses a Mexican artistic method. Her stylized representations of nature are vibrant and gorgeous.

Arbre de vie - Tree of Life by ElvireClevOcean Fascinant - Fascinating Ocean by ElvireClevVolcan psychedelique - Psychedelic Volcano by ElvireClev

is quite the artist, and a new obsession of mine. His paintings are...breathtaking, and just the right amount of strange ;)

Icarus Worm by whiteflyinglizardEarly Worm by whiteflyinglizardevery book for himself by whiteflyinglizard

makes such colorful, but also deeply symbolic creations, and I am astonished he has not gotten more attention.

C is for Coffee by qetzaNorthern Star by qetzaOwl Nouveau by qetza


is a poet I MUST include in any list of my favorite writers. This fellow-Carolinian is honestly one of my favorite poets ever. I do not know what else to say.

is a writer who deserves mention for her amazing writing as well as her dedication to the dA lit community. Her writing to me is like the earth itself, and it unfolds, and challenges me to be better.

dear teen meDear Sarah,
            Remember that time you tried to top yourself by hiding under the covers? That was hilarious. I remember you tugging at the edges of the blanket and praying, without a shred of scientific evidence, that the lack of oxygen would be enough to kill you. You sat under there for something like fifteen minutes before you gave up and went to make a sandwich. But while you were under there, choking a little on your pillow because you never washed your sheets, I remember you thought someone was watching. Someone who understood your suffering. Someone who understood you.
            Kid, that was me. And I've got two words for you: man up. Life can get a whole lot harder than this. Before too much longer, it's going to. And by the time you get to my age, you're going to be glad.
            Why were you

is a fairly recent dA friend of mine. This Canadian poet has plenty to offer to the lit community besides her weekly lit feature. Her style is gentle, but will break your heart.

stumbling across the grand canyon as we embracethis poem is a virus,
so be careful not to let it
touch you
      like the soft fingertips
      of a wide-eyed girl on
      your lips, silent as if
      to say, shhh, do you hear
      this great thing between us,
      this aching nothingness
      in which my heart lingers
      and stutters?

      and oh, how it stutters.
      us - us-us-  he - and i. me and
      him. we. us.
      she is like a singer when
      she laughs, speaks in recitatives
      like she has an audience (you),
      quivers in her bones
      when you touch her.
      (there is just this girl and
       her hand on your face and her
       wide, wide eyes and there's
       nothing more you could ever
       want, nothing at all)
ice                                                                                     her veins are
                                                            filled to the brim with ice water,

Ps. Sorry, m'dear, I know you don't think "we wrote a story" is very good, but I think it's lovely.

is SUCH a sweetheart, and her style shows it! Her poetry is whimsical and full of vibrant color.

regardless of where and which roads (write)i. so today we get together
   as per your request
   today you (at last) confess to me
   i watch you narrate
   the e.e. cummings you've
   kept chained in your rhythm,
   in your beats and paces and all other nooks
   and crooks
   and hidden places
   i've secretly always known existed
   i want you to start writing today
ii. you tell me you believe
    in your ability
    to write the words i always knew you whispered;
    steaming at the hearts of other girls
    turning them to froth
    while i watch my own heart
    shrivel like dregs
    in the same cup of cappuccino
    i've always been drinking off drought
iii. i am screaming even in my softest tissues
     blaming my body for my hearts' issues
     admit to me
     (your best blue jeans and bravery set forth)
     read me unspoken
     find it futile to resist (dear me)
     by grace you do and you do
     admit to me
     my meth, my myth
     how (i never have the courage to say)
     i am your greatest muse
Caving Rib CageWe crossed at glacier paths on icicle footing;
in the hollow and darkness of a cavern where we found each other a second time, you spoke to me.
You told me tales of bereavement, and that the most morbid of all is not slow demise but rather,
it is being killed, just a little bit.
I never thought it a possible plausible thing-
to kill a man, just a little bit.
The calcium in my bones precipitate at the thought as you beckon me from my limestone shelter.  
How does one kill another just a little bit?
   Give me deionized water and make me a paste;
   clean all my tarnishes,
   for I am no good as silver if I remain
   senescent and dull.

I knew my skepticism was obliterated the day you, with your bedrock stature,
through your stalactite eyes and your stalagmite smile,
killed me just that little bit.
To have the one you love most fool/leave/betray you and still remain so in love with them-
worse yet, seeing the pe
YellowBleakness strikes and my heart is too diseased
Yellow from lack of sun, I'm a sick leaf
I need my fancy to be tickled, teased
Bleakness strikes and my heart is too diseased
Why do you carry a face so displeased?
Give me a minute to deal with my grief
Bleakness strikes and my heart is too diseased
Yellow from lack of sun, I'm a sick leaf

has been a dA friend of mine for AGES. She's an Indian poet currently spending time in Shanghai, and her writing is MAGNIFICENT. It is at once something foreign and familiar, grounded and fantastical.

Me Men o' th' Land and SeaMe man o' th' land
is a fair and true lad,
but I love better me man o' the sea.
Me man o' th' land
has hair o' gauld like th' sun,
but me man o' th' sea loved me lang.
Me man o' th' land
has een o' bauld blue,
but me man o' th' sea has een o' bonnie, bonnie green.
But oh, but oh, me man o' th' land,
if yer heart brak', lit it nae be for me,
lit it nae be for th' weary wurld.
But oh, but oh, me man o' th' land,
I love ye sae, but I love me man o' th' sea mair,
for auld lang syne, I will min' ye,
me man o' th' land, but oh,
but oh, there my true love bides,
an' I love better me man o' th' sea.
Dae tell, my bairn, dae tell ye Father,
say I say, Farewell tae thee weel,
but I loved better me man o' the sea.

has such a gorgeous poetic style. It says things like something you're remembering after a long, long time.

naked kneesin high school,
you tore your acl playing
a sport you didn't care for,
and you hate that scar: pale
thick and protruding, saying,
"look here. ignore the golden
hair that collects at his thighs,
ignore the bruises from kneeling
on the floor. ignore his calves,
the sharp angle of them and look
at me. look at his knees, how
ugly they are. the thick skin
callused pale and littered with
black hairs."
at work,
you don't have to stand but
in lines you get uncomfortable
and you never wear shorts which
is okay. i don't wear them either
[for more irrational reasons] and
i think your legs are my favorite
part of you, contending with your
shoulders and chest and biceps,
with your eyes and cheeks and lips
and bones, blueish veins and feet,
your smile and copper eyelashes.
we're home,
and you let me rub the softer skin
behind your bum knee, smiling

Mature Content

little funeralswere there any regrets,
i have folded them neatly
and packed them with my summer clothes:
tucked in the attic, sitting beside your books.
they are mothballs for my memories,
keeping alive long nights and thick mornings,
but would it be right to forget?
and would i be myself, to forget?
i have set them where they can't shake my fingers,
thin and seeking,
but they remind me history should not be repeated
and tongues are best kept still.

is another good friend of mine from the lit community. He's currently working on a graduate degree in the UK, and is therefore always looking for more helpful feedback on his pieces! His prose makes me think of Neil Gaiman, and his poetry...his poetry is a hazy London evening, like the kind T.S. Elliot loved.

The Unremarkable Confessions of a Drunken LoverGive me another -
one part Jack, six parts truth.
Make mine a double,
'cause I'm still standing. 
I measure my day in moments of you.
Clutching talismans of unacknowledged import.
My skin nags its ache for you -
nothing quite so sordid, I promise -
just your hand in mine. 
Your Self occupying that 
so conspicuously empty space 
next to mine. 
Oh, it's such a cliche...
I cast us as Romantic period lovers
forbidden ever to touch -
Romeo and Romeo,
sans suicide. 
I'll use words to immortalise you-me-us
so Someday When
university students can pour over my lines
with apathetic glances
and giggle-whisper over hidden references
I never meant to put. 
How many adjectives will it take to contain you
in rhyme and meter? 
(My personal favourite.)
I'll pen epics in your honour. 
Become that quintessential knight
questing for his lady's -
sorry. lord's
Will I ever win his han
i will not grant you pretty words
though they burn in my veins
and force me to breathe,
as if my fey-child scripture
ever could withstand you
and the scars you carved in my DNA.
they breed in my throat,
a transcendental code sacrosanct
as the prayers you whisper,
and the vows you took in obligation
then broke,
only to hide your transgression
(twenty-six years, three months, twenty days)
and write in me the fear 
of being erased.
so maybe you can't understand
how i made myself not hate you
when i thought you would die
just in case
one day
i might
feel regret.
i want to throw my fury
at your feeble body and
slurring tongue
like zeus to your cronus
though i've always been cast
as hermes instead
for every second i've stared myself down
just to prove the balance of genetics
lies not in your favour
teaching myself to drive stick
so i could run farther
and faster
from who you wanted me to be
the six year old boy
with a near-perfect sketch
(but it wasn't

possesses the ability to be creepy, and heartbreaking, and wistful all at the same time.

Will-o'-the-wispShe wears a necklace made
of bones,
ossified phalanges gripping
her throat
like a rasping phantom.
Her heart is hard
and heavy,
full of dust and debts
Her corset is laced
too tight;
her ribs are being crushed
by lace
and internal pressures crawling
up her throat,
where the necklace chokes them all
back down.
They never found her
lover's head,
guillotined under train wheels when
he tripped
over rails hidden from the pool
of light
cast by the cast-iron lantern.
The railroad
men said it was a tragedy.
She said
he was pushed.
They carried
her by the arm, back to her porch swing
and left.

The hushed glow of distant
beckons; her petticoats rustle
as she rises
from the patio chair
and trails
her fingers along the windchimes
like strung femurs.
They saw the floating light
near the
incline where he fell and one
made the same mistake twice, but
the light
shone just so when he stumbled
and he
righted himself and nearly waved
his hat
but the light was alr
Strawberries.Not strawberries. Definitely not strawberries.
He reads a lot and all the girls in his books have strawberry-scented hair and often strawberry-colored hair, but not this girl, the one in his arms. She has dark hair, black under insufficient lighting conditions, and it certainly does not smell of strawberries.
He hates strawberries anyway.
Absolute HorizonMolly Steinberg can bend light. I would know. I'm dating her.
I know what you're thinking. You think I'm calling her dense. Thick-headed. Stupid. She's not. Oh no, she is not.
She's smart; very smart, but in the worst way possible. She's pretty, athletic, popular, top of the line family, manipulative bitch extraordinaire. Molly Steinberg gets what she wants. And Molly Steinberg wants an A in science class.
It's easy to look at fools in love and think you'll never be like that. I know I thought that way once. But when the (ahem) perky cheerleader sidles up to you for a little help with Physics homework, well, you just don't say no. Not unless you're bent that way.
The redshifting of light probably should have clued me in that something was off a little bit here. But the gravitational time dilation was working in reverse – an hour felt like minutes instead of vice versa. How am I supposed to run calculations with contradictory evidence like that?
Once you're

Community News, Features, and Fun(ny) Things
It just dawned on me how many of these are associated with the lit community...I'll try to do better in future!
Vintage Christmas Short Story Contest:new: Officially, this contest is now closed, but I've given the green light to a late entry or two. If you still want to enter and need another day or so to finish up, please let me know if you haven't already. For the rest of you, closed! Judging is already in progress, and I hope to announce the results on Christmas Eve.
:holly: Entry Gallery
Come on, people! The deadline is TOMORROW and I only have two entries. Let's get the rest in! Please be aware that if they're a bit past the deadline, it won't matter. Just get them done as soon as you can. We don't want this contest to be a flop, now do we?
Halloween is over, and for many of us, that can only mean one thing: time to get excited about Christmas! Let us begin with a few definitions from good old
9. representing the high quality of a past time: vintage car
Holiday Card Project 2012
It's back!  With the goal of bringing a little cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the deviantART Holiday Card Project connects deviants from around the world and applies their tremendous artistic abilities in designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.
In past years, the Project has received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 1,000 deviants from 50 different countries/political regions. Cards were then divvied up and distributed in-person by deviantART members to local Los Angeles, CA hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for hospital staff members to hand out to patients.
The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who submits a card will be given a free one-month Premium Membership to deviantA
Love dA Lit: Issue 104Welcome to the one-hundred fourth issue of Love dA Lit! :happybounce: Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests, and spotlighting a specific group every week. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.
:star: This weeks group spotlight is APictureToA1000Words! :star:
LITplease's Community Portal

Literature Links | Group Spotlight | Workshops, Prompts and Challenges
Literature Contests | Resources

Fantastic Feature Tuesday #21This is a weekly feature of amazing literature that I come by during my
travels across deviantART. This is only a small sample of a vast amount
of wonderful pieces of literature written by absolutely fantastic
writers. Each deviation was carefully selected from a writer's gallery
based on structure, impact and word usage. I will never feature the
same person twice, so check out these wonderful writers now while you can!
Please :+fav: this news article so it will reach a larger audience!

they'll get it right this time by sunshinegypsy Fiction Saved Her by iridiana
Happy reading! :heart:
:thumb338688692: Community Portal: November 25thNews
Love dA Lit: Issue 104
:note: If you'd like to have something added/mentioned in this journal or the article please send me a note!
:heart: HugQueen
About Love dA Lit
Love dA Lit aims to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests, and spotlighting a specific group every week. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.
Love dA Lit is published every Sunday, by HugQueen via news article, and the Community portal will be updated in accompaniment with it! :eager:
Literature Links!
:new::bulletyellow: The Reason I Do Art
:new::bulletyellow: "Are you a part of a #

Writers of the Revolution, November 24thFeatured WRITER
Featured by ozzla
flawedfairytale is one of those deviants that are a treat to find. She caught my attention like that single card that falls out of a deck when your mind wanders while shuffling. All my focused efforts, or "shuffling" so to say, before that point to find an intriguing writer to feature had been a dismal failure. I can easily say that I am thankful for that because sometimes the unexpected is just what you are looking for. And boy was I not disappointed! Her pieces below stand out the most to me because of the verve in her words, making it obvious the passion behind her efforts to communicate the abstract that so easily elude the bounds of language.

The fifth season
"tear open the seal, rip open her soul- where
pages are left imprinted, just unread. breathe, and unravel
her lies
lies: her beautiful beautiful f
Belated Saturday Morning Features - 3better late than never, eh?
this is a weekly feature in which i select ten phenomenal literature deviations that have recently caught my eye. if you have been featured, please :+fav: this journal and read the other works. now, onto the main event—

"i was called to a bridge by a burning frost
fervent as it was obscene,
like a broadsword enthralled
in the chest of a working class Paul"


"smelling burning cane syrup
at rumdrunk full moon twilight"

"If you are even there
in the stretch of oceans, across icy miles
of bleak black. Do you exist? Are you there?
Green beacon means yes."

"that my mother left the hospital
with a cheque in hand to make up for
"the accident," of course."

"you write songs in the back of your mind
or something of that ilk
because triads well from the tips of your fingers
and i thought i was the dreamer—"

"Against the mindlessness
A Winter Only World Contest Winners!!!Welcome to the first ever PoeticalCondition Contest winners blog!!!
I hope you are excited. We sure are!
Drumroll please!
First place:

by penlender          
Second place:

by LightOverpowers58
Third place:

by Sammur-amat
Prizes listed below.
Please allow a week or two for delivery of all prizes.
If you have not received something by then, please contact the person who is supposed to be giving it to you, or me (RiseandBe). NOT the group.
First Place:
- Feature in the Group Journal
- Features in RiseandBe's, NotenSMSK's, prettyflour's and DearPoetry's personal Journals
- Llamas from AnotherPassenger, DearPoetry, NotenSMSK, Starija and RiseandBe
- 30 :points: from NotenSMSK
- 200 :points: from RiseandBe
- Submission placed in the groups "Featured" folder
- One critique each from NotenSMSK, shehrozeameen and prettyflour, on poems of your


100 Poem Project Update!
Current progress: 61/100
Also note that the terribly sweet SayaStarshine took a look at my list and decided she wanted to do it, too! She is using the same topics as me, and you can find the link to her stuff here.


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