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Fabulous Friday Feature 6: Lace

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 8, 2012, 8:22 PM
Stamp: Lace by KathisofyNeeds More Lace by elefareaLace Stamp by tennyomelimeCupcake stamp by Mel-Rosey

Posting just a teensy bit early ;) Greetings, all, and welcome to my sixth


I've decided that now that I've got this fabulous year-long subscription, I should take the opportunity to get the word out about other deviants and their magnificent work! :) If you've got someone you think should be featured in next Friday's Feature, send me a note with a link to their gallery and I'll take a peek ;)

Be forewarned: I found so much great stuff this week that this is a BIG FEATURE! Please consider taking the time to look through everything!

I'd also love to hear about other features, particularly themed ones. I'll list those in the bottom section to help spread the word! The same goes for contests or news articles!

Please favorite this journal and pass it on! And if you liked this feature, be sure to check out the one from last week:…


Visual Art

Fleurette Forest by HannakinCreamy lace by NEYNE-BLOMMALace by MuirgheiltDot lace by Silver-Shadow-LightOld Lady Lace ornament by Frost-indriPaper Lace by ColeVEdible Grape Jewelry and Lace by Battledress:thumb323449324:Beaded Lacework by herbwalkerQueen annes lace in the snow by Breanna93Queen Annes Lace by Charlie-Mcgillicuttyramadan by faithimanBeauty and the Beast by FinngualaBow Stock 3 by LadyduLacSnow swirl by AnitaAntilace and long stem rose teapot by JStuVictorian rose I by theshyfoxButterfly Lace Cake by The-EvIl-Plankton:thumb244272801:


queen anne's laceshe visits me
and strings together
stars and little wings
with queen anne's lace
to repose upon the breast
of my regret.
I don't want anyone to know
my lonely stage is let
only to silhouettes
and sad little photographs.
a youth cast in wax,
a shade of days and glass.
she's a firefly storm tonight
she brightens heaven's boughs
she is jasmine and a slight night chill.
I'm afraid, but I will make my move.
perfect pictureI took your fingers between mine like
a paint brush. Beneath the stroked skin I wove
your veins into lace.
And in your shoulders a wire coat hanger
with white masking tape so I could write my name
and hang it in the clothes-wrack art gallery
where I'll be able to find you again.
In a gunmetal sort of way
I dressed you up
and we drank together in the breaking Mosses downtown.
I tagged your bare chest and we
fell over the slippery rocks by the river and
floated, breathing in the brownish foam.
It's a photograph presented to
the north-side jury, smug and staring down pointed beaks.
"That one obviously fell a bit too far."
And they go home to pristine art on their walls
while the artist lives on the street.
fishing for hearts with lace and not nettingtake one - in which burned bread is beautiful
They're crumbs in the road, toast-speckles that spin and skirt and we
†††††drive past, like we always do, the radio††††††††††singing
white noise against my black humor and you say
†††you say I'm getting better, and I think no, I am better
I am better, I say and you say††††††††no
and I say
I'm fucking exemplary
and you ask who Exemplary is and I tell you it's me and I think
††††somewhere††††††††††††††††we got lost in the words
And I'm not all that keen on admitting to you that sure thing, dad,
††††I'm fucking myself
and over
††††††††††††but mostly I'm just fucking myself over.
take two - in which you think about animated movies
You're sitting in the front seat of a car but you are also sitting in the back seat
of a car because you are at once a child and a real person
and you say
"Hi dad"
as you climb in and tuck your bag away and turn on the radio
and he says "soup" like he promised he would years ago and you think
algid.i am going to tell you about lace,
the way of hexagons and parabolas.
this is it: tomorrow, i will teach
you how to paint, like skies and
trees, and fingernails, though you
will tell me you would much rather
be taught poetry. i will tell you that it's
so, you wrap my hair in gum leaves
and read like the romans. i can not
understand, because beauty is
irrelevant. why you tell me that my
palms are wonderful, i will never know.
you will ask me again to be taught
poetry. i will tell you that it is
impossible, again.
so, you pull my finger tips to your
eyelashes. "algid".
you breath like the autumn and glass
jars. i will tell you then, and only once
so you will listen, that lace, and hexagons,
and parabolas are irrelevant.
i will say,
i do not believe in poetry.
:thumb178829408: Trees in the DarkSodium backlights make
marigold colored hydrangeas
and Queen Anne's Lace claws,
painting their silhouettes
in the empty spaces
between stamen and petal.
Queen Anne's LaceI stole the Queen's lace
Held it for ransom in the
Back seat of my car.
We realized that the
Wild flowers weren't as graceful
When they had been tamed.
I fell for the Queen
They gave her the guillotine
Amidst morning dew.
She was too damn beautiful for her own good.

Mature Content

A warm breeze caresses my skin,
Reminding me of summer;
Of soft grass
Your laugh
Pale skin
And white lace.
I started hating myself slightly
A slice of skin,
As opposed to,
Layers of lace, that bloomed.

Community News, Features, and Fun(ny) Things
My Edgar Allan Poe-themed feature got FEATURED! (See Pimps and Whoas below.)

DDs Aren't PerfectLooking at a positive trend in lit DDs. :love:
Probably the biggest demand authors on this site have is for more constructive feedback. And guess what? One of the ways you do end up getting some great advice is when you get a sitewide feature.
Here are a few quotes from great critiques seen in October's DDs, and yes I have chosen sentences that are offering constructive feedback rather than positivity, so don't assume these critics were pointlessly harsh. I've left them anonymous just in case, but if you recognize your words here, please understand they're appreciated!
I'd suggest incorporating more turns of phrase to keep the language fresh.
I feel as though the action around the beginning of the fire could be a little more clear, and perhaps the setting, too.
I think with a little more condensation, you could make a greater impact upon the reader.
I think shorter would work better, because then you're not adding more 'filler', and shorter sentences work to increase intensity.
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The Catch: You can only use 25 words, and I want them to be poetic. You can use whatever format, but you have to use exactly 25 words. And they have to express your wish in a poetic manner.
The Details: Upload your entry to the correct gallery, then send the thumb or link to me in a note titled "25th Bday Contest". I will be counting words, so make sure you get exactly 25 or it will be disqualified. You can enter as many times as you wish.
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Inner Divinity Contest Winners!Greetings, everyone! I am here today EXCLUSIVELY to feature the winners of my group Wordsmiths-Guild's Inner Divinity Contest.
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So here are the basics...
This contest is all about celebrating inner divinity. Poetry, at least for me, is always about the spiritual on some level. In this contest, I invite you to try to explore an aspect of your spiritual self by writing from the perspective of a deity of some kind.
Place yourself in the mindset of the deity. Feel free to explore a new situation from the perspective of that deity, to compare yourself to the deity, to retell a myth or legend in that deity's place, WHATEV

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Fantastic Feature Tuesday #18This is a weekly feature of amazing literature that I come by during my
travels across deviantART. this is only a small sample of a vast amount
of wonderful pieces of literature written by absolutely fantastic
writers. Each deviation was carefully selected from a writer's gallery
based on structure, impact and word usage. I will never feature the
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Please :+fav: this news article so that it will be read by more people! :)
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Love dA Lit: Issue 101
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About Love dA Lit
Love dA Lit aims to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests, and spotlighting a specific group every week. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.
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The Ladies of Lit: Volume XXVIWelcome to volume twenty-six my Literature series, The Ladies of Lit!
The premise here is simple. Below you will find an assortment of Literature features from a selection of female deviants here on DeviantART, all of them suggested by you. In this article, you will also find a variety of other things of interest, including:
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:bulletwhite: Our “meet our contributors” section. Be sure to

Vintage Christmas Short Story ContestHalloween is over, and for many of us, that can only mean one thing: time to get excited about Christmas! Let us begin with a few definitions from good old
9. representing the high quality of a past time: vintage cars; vintage movies.
10. old-fashioned or obsolete: vintage jokes.
11. being the best of its kind: They praised the play as vintage O'Neill.
(If you don't know what Christmas means, I suggest you look it up yourself.) :santa:
The Contest
To put it simply, this contest is open to short prose fiction that fits the theme of Vintage Christmas.
To go into a little more depth, this could mean a number of things. We all know, for example, that nobody did Christmas like the Victorians, so perhaps a little Dickens or Alcott homage is in order. We also know that Christmas is better the younger you are, and any writer who can recapture that magic will surely bring
The Secret Santa Writing Contest [closed]update: THIS IS CLOSED.
I am dedicating this CHRISTMAS-THEMED writing / visual art poem / prose contest to promoting two of my writing groups! Please join, as they are both in need of more writers. I promise I'll read your stuff.
:bulletred: Deadline: Christmas Day, December 25th, 11:59 PM PST
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