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Fabulous Friday Feature 4: Edgar Allan Poe

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 26, 2012, 7:46 AM
:thumb154657005:Poe Stamp by XydoveEdgar Allen Poe stamp by KixxarHappy Halloween by NorthboundFoxI support DLD by HugQueenI suggest DDs. Do you? by archaemic

Greetings, all, and welcome to my fourth


I've decided that now that I've got this fabulous year-long subscription, I should take the opportunity to get the word out about other deviants and their magnificent work! :) Please note that I AM STILL LOOKING FOR SOME LOVELY POE-THEMED LIT! I WILL BE UPDATING THIS FEATURE AS I FIND MORE, SO PLEASE SEND SUGGESTIONS! If you've got someone you think should be featured in next Friday's Feature, send me a note with a link to their gallery and I'll take a peek ;)

I'd also love to hear about other features, particularly themed ones. I'll list those in the bottom section to help spread the word! The same goes for contests or news articles!

Please favorite this journal and pass it on! And if you liked this feature, be sure to check out the one from last week:


Visual Art

:thumb289105581:Poe by thoughtdisorderTribute to Edgar Allen Poe by CorviidPoe teapot by Blue-Pixie-StickIl Corvo by alahayBerenice by Nemo-7:thumb96133108:Poe by cel1664Annabel Lee Revised by AbigailLarsonQuoth the Raven by katscreationsPoe Pendant Series Con't by designsbymishiNevermore Raven Necklace by MonsterBrandCraftsEdgar A. Poe Moon Bun by MoonYen


Sepulchre SolaceIt doesn't matter that I can't see your eyes, love.
I've already memorized the deep azure,
and if I stare deeply into the night sky above
I can find their hue, their shimmer in the twinkling starlight.
So it is of little matter that they remain closed
as I lie beside you on your bed of satin,
twisting my fingers through your long, dark hair.
It is longer than when I last saw you,
as you drew shallow, shaky breaths, and I drew you against me,
your frail form clutching with feeble strength
before they took you away.
They didn't want us together, love, you see.
So they hid you away from me, tried to tell me you were gone.
But I knew they lied - you would never leave me.
I heard you calling my name,
summoning me back to you, drawing me to your bed.
Your image haunting my steps until I found your face again:
so pale now - I remember how you used to blush
when I touched you like this; but not anymore.
Now I know you long for it - you're so cold.
So I exhale warm breath against your face
After Edgar Allan Poe"The Beautician"
After Edgar Allan Poe
Once upon a morning busy, while I worked 'til nearly dizzy,
Scissors gleaming  as I went through the daily goings on
While I worked, there came the singing of my little bell a-ringing,
As someone pushed and entered, entered through the salon door.
"Tis some customer," I muttered "Ringing at my salon door
                Only this and nothing more."
Ah, how clearly I remember, it was in the warm September
And each fuzzy clipping lay, unswept upon the floor.
I was ready for a break, a job that little thought would take;
It seemed a simple job had just walked through my door
Perhaps 'tis cruel, but I did smirk to see him walking through my door.
                His head gleamed like polished ore.
A bald man in my small salon? What could he ask, what was he on?
To think t
PoeLurid, odd, macabre.
But now--
Drunken Edgar Allen PoeWallow through the wafting streets
A drear smell
Of ammonia and alcohol
A drunken Poe stumbles
He crumbles
In the tumblers
Of the fickle fate locks
Gates to the dam
Locking the stagnant doldrums
Lucid but dreaming
Proving, enduring
Blurring already flaccid lines
Can't be held responsible
What can I hold
If I can't hold you?
What do you grab
When the ship is going down?
I choose my sweetest of spirits.
Wallow through the wafting streets
A drear smell
Of a self-pious ego
Misinterpreted grief
Won't be seen again
Won't gleam again
Knock me back and forth
Rock me to and fro
Sing me to slumbers
Open the tumblers
And release the gate
I didn't mean…
Thy will be done
Curl up with you
I meant to say
My lips on your neck
My lips on your skin
Embers are fading away
I don't want to just get by
Feel your body
I want what you are
Courage permits trust
Curl my lips
Tumblers on the gate
I meant to mean
Embers don't want to
I am fading away
Courage permits…
WaldeinsamkeitA murder of ravens
spits black
on a vermillion coloured day,
as a spine of leaves
crumbles under the pressure
of ghostly weight;
its pieces of autumn,
borne by a whirling breath,
brush a lonely thought:
This winter will be cold.
It was then the near November... Part 1  It was then the near November, of a night I clear remember,
  where upon my porch in huddled form had I drifted into dream,
  whence stirred I to sudden shudder, by a sound the wind made utter,
as loose creaked then my gutter, grasping weakly to the eave,
and as it pinioned there squeaking, slowly leaking from its seams,
  rilled its rusted spout in speaking – oozing bile from loose seams,
             ablither in lunar beam.
Appeased to then mild perturbance, by that trifling disturbance,
and lulled by the roll'ed lure of Selene's enameled gleam,
-tho' unhingedly awoken, by wind's insipid token,
my heady rest thereby broken, for Endymion's reprieve,
craved I sleep's mercy unspoken, unspoken in but my dreams,
of woolen solace unwoken, thread warmly woven by dreams,
     there embraced by lunar beam.
Enclosed by that Latmian cave, there 'pon porch wher
Raven's Room
Raven's Room
Alec Maynard
I sit alone in the room – the watch on my wrist ticks in the background – I am the only living presence yet I am not alone. The lingering silence alters my hearing and elevates my awareness – not to perfection – enough to pick up the finest of acute sounds, even those that are seemingly not there. A single candle sits opposite me upon my desk. It has been burning for quite some time and seeps upon itself in a depraved dissolution with its once perfect waxy form warped and excreted down its sides. I make up my mind and hastily grab a pen and parchment to begin a letter to my friend; it is of the utmost importance. My body twitches at the sound of looming voices that resonate beyond the safety of my bedroom door. They speak in noiseless whispers that beckon me from my roost and attempt to coerce me away from a fate that I am most deserving of.
I scribble furiously; the scratching of metal on wood combined with the dim glow of t

Community News, Features, and Fun(ny) Things

Foreign Words the English Language NeedsOh hello. I’m finally getting around to making this news article that I said I might do, like, a month ago. Sorry, I’m not used to writing news articles. Bear with me.
Back in August, I started a series in my forums for cool foreign words. It went over extremely well and numerous people requested that I combine them into a handy-dandy news article for deviantART at large to enjoy. So, here you are: fifteen foreign words that the English language needs to steal appropriate.
Hiraeth (Welsh)
What it means: A feeling of longing associated with displacement, but not necessarily displacement from one’s original home. An intense yearning to be somewhere you are not. Hiraeth also expresses a sort of ache or longing for something of the past, somewhat similar to the notion of "golden" or "good old days," but with more ancient connotations.
Why it needs to be a thing in English: I speak as someone from a country
Inner Divinity Contest!:new: FINAL WARNING! You have ONE DAY to finish up your entries! The contest folder will be closed as of 11:59PM tomorrow, October 31! Thanks so much to everyone who has entered so far! If you're in need of inspiration, consider checking out the current submissions:
Yes, that's right! I'm starting up another contest to try and revitalize the group. AND WE'VE GOT PRIZES!
So here's the concept:
This contest is all about celebrating inner divinity. Poetry, at least for me, is always about the spiritual on some level. In this contest, I invite you to try to explore an aspect of your spiritual self by writing from the perspective of a deity of some kind.
Let me emphasize: you do not have to be religious for this contest prompt to work. Go out and find a deity from a religion - ANY religion from ANYWHERE in the world (I will also accept saints) - that you identify with on some level.
Feel fre

Just Tell the Fucking StoryOkay, so I saw this journal that contained a number of tips, including a detailed section on 'show don't tell,' and I had an epiphany. There was an 'Oh' and everything so you know it's legit.
For a while now I have wondered why amateur writers write the most mind-numbingly long descriptions that I could not care about even a little (yes, my attention span is short, why'd you think I put in so many GIFs? but anyway, I'm a bit atypical there). I mean, I don't want the 'flames of burning searing pain of the aching broken heart' all up in my grill. I'd genuinely prefer a 'he hated her after the break up.' That's all I need to know about that? Good. Move on.
And that's the 'oh' moment: when people tell you to show not tell, they always fail to mention 'pacing.'

Look, there are times when it's best to convey a mood. His trembling fingers reach for the full glass, her voice an angry buzz in the back of his mind--I'd consider that a reasonable establishing shot. But if you're halfway t
Poetry, Poetry..... more PoetryMy beautiful friends :blowkiss:
It is time for another Poetry feature. I spent an amazing time reading for this feature. I found some amazing new poems, and some absolutely beautiful poets. You will love every single one of these poems. If you do, comment, :+fav: and :+devwatch: the poet. Support the poet :la:
For these beautiful poets featured here, just in half n hour you can read so many of these poems and :+fav: them. These features have made so many poets best friends now :happybounce:
Don't forget to :+fav: This journal so many more Deviants can these awesome poem :love:

Fantastic Feature Tuesday #16hello!
this is a weekly feature of amazing literature that i come by during my
travels across deviantart. this is only a small sample of a vast amount
of wonderful pieces of literature written by absolutely fantastic
writers. each deviation was carefully selected from a writer's gallery
based on structure, impact and word usage. i try (try!) to feature
deviants who get less spotlight than others and i will never feature the
same person twice.
these are truly some spectacular works and i urge to you take a look! i only pick the best, you know! (;
please take the time to read through each one - seriously, it takes five minutes - and be sure to the journal! (:

fwoosh. by iameve2 porcelain is stained with death by Unseen-reality
i'm having a rough time with everything lately. school work is overwhelming and i'm worried about how i'm going
Maim Your Protagonist Halloween ContestYou create them. You love them. You nurture them. You literarily give them the world as their playground. 
And then you put them through hell. 
Here at lacoterie we want to see exactly how rough you can be on your protagonists, and, in honour of Halloween, we're bringing you a contest to do just that. 
The Rules
:bulletblack: Protagonist must be maimed in course of narrative.
 55-1000 words, prose. 
 No obvious maiming - i.e. legs, arms, heads*.
 Maiming must cause some sort of problem for protagonist (i.e. it can be a papercut, but that papercut better do a helluva lot of work to impact the narrative. like. earth-shattering epic papercut).
 Protagonist must hate themselves at the end.
 There are more ways to cause injury than harming the body.
:bulletblack: Incorporate a wedding (in honour of betwixtthepages); how you incorporate it is entirely up to you, but it needs to be in there somewhere.
:bulletblack: Must

Community Portal: October 21stNews
Love dA Lit: Issue 99
:note: If you'd like to have something added/mentioned in this journal or the article please send me a note!
:heart: HugQueen
About Love dA Lit
Love dA Lit aims to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests, and spotlighting a specific group every week. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.
Love dA Lit is published every Sunday, by HugQueen via news article, and the Community portal will be updated in accompaniment with it! :eager:
Literature Links!
:new::bulletyellow: Disappearing Lit Thumbnails
Thursday: Halloween Acronyms!Welcome back to Thursday! 
A really great outpouring of bear and rabbit love! Awesome job one and all. In fact, thanks to a generous donation from Heidi, everyone who submitted an entry will be receiving a one-month Premium Membership! :woohoo:
Our top three deviants, who will be receiving a deviantART Hoodie/Jacket, are listed below!
:star: Forest's Lullaby by TrollGirl

:star: Rabbit And Bear by chrisravensar

:star: Will Power- Diet by gerakun87

Honorable mention to:
:star: Showdown

This is Halloween: Critique Week!EDIT: Congrats to BeccaJS on your healthy new baby! :aww: I know it means we might see less of you around, so we'll miss you, but huzzah to you and your motherhood! :party:
Hi all!
I apologize for not being on top of my game this month. I should've posted this on Monday, and now it's Friday. I'm really sorry.
Anyway. Y'all submitted your stories and poems, and should keep on submitting them, but now it's time to get down to business and look at your submissions critically.
After all, you want to win Memnalar's "All Hallow's Tales: Blood Country" short story contest, or Poetry-Screams annual spooky poem contest. And the best way to compete? Revise, revise, revise!
Even if you haven't submitted yet, as always, you're free to give constructive feedback to the poets and writers who've submitted their work. Make sure you check out the contest guidelines for each of the contests you're submitting to, and frame your feedback in that light.
All Hallow's Tales: Blo
The Secret Santa Writing Contest [closed]update: THIS IS CLOSED.
I am dedicating this CHRISTMAS-THEMED writing / visual art poem / prose contest to promoting two of my writing groups! Please join, as they are both in need of more writers. I promise I'll read your stuff.
:bulletred: Deadline: Christmas Day, December 25th, 11:59 PM PST
:star: PRIZES :star:
(Feel free to donate anything you want! If you would like me to, I'll feature you on my page and the group's for 1 year or however long you want.)
:bulletblue: 1st
1000 :points:
Llama from me, my other account, TurquaticTurtle, Kymira12, LightOverpowers58, xXPandaBlossomXx, psto1464
1 year feature on my page and all my journals, journal feature from TurquaticTurtle, Kymira12, TouchedVenus, LightOverpowers58, rainylake
Short stories/poems from me, Fackio-Zally, Kymira12; poetry commissi


Visual Art
Just up:
Coming Soon: whenever I get around to it - a wendigo

Short Stories
Just up: The Love Song of H Philip Lovecraft
Coming Soon: The Dream-Makers - Part III (Not a chance in hell!)
Not-So-Short Stories
Just up:
Coming Soon:

Just up:
Coming soon: Whatever strikes me

100 Poem Project
Current progress: 59/100
Also note that the terribly sweet SayaStarshine took a look at my list and decided she wanted to do it, too! She is using the same topics as me, and you can find the link to her stuff here.

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