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Fabulous Friday Feature 13: H.P. Lovecraft

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 27, 2012, 8:48 PM
Cthulhu Stamp 1 by ImprintMechanic:thumb197206627:I support DLD by HugQueenI suggest DDs. Do you? by archaemic

Greetings, all, and welcome to my (appropriately, I think) THIRTEENTH


This week's theme is the creator of my favorite horror mythos: H.P. Lovecraft.  Next week, I'd like to show you all some of my favorite pieces of all time, whether they come from someone well-known or someone with almost no watchers at all! If you've got someone you think should be featured in next Friday's Feature, send me a note with a link to their gallery and I'll take a peek ;) I'd also love to hear about other features, particularly themed ones. I'll list those in the bottom section to help spread the word! The same goes for contests or news articles!

Please favorite this journal and pass it on! And if you liked this feature, be sure to check out the one from last week:

And don't forget to let me know what your fave kind of horror story is in my poll!:…

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And now, without any further ado: THE FEATURES!


Visual Art

Love me some Lovecraft by ElectricSixxTentecles Frame by Reklaw280Priestess of Nyarlathotep by jasminetoadH.P. Lovecraft - SHOGGOTH by zombiequadrillelovecraft's commonplace book2 by Absurdostudio-KrumH.P. Lovecraft Sketch 3 by babygraceblueShoggoth 'aux opales' pendant by somkH. P. Lovecraft Bust by JoynerStudioThe Cthulhu Artifact by JasonMcKittrickCall of Cthulhu by MikeOppArtCephalapod Princess by Metzpah

Mature Content

Lovecraft by GillianIvy
The Litany of Dagon - scroll by hawanjaCthulhu by AdalgeuseCALL OF CTHULHU - wood keyring by Piciuul o v e c r a f t by phoenixgraphixstudioCall of Snoophulhu by missqueenmobThe Lovecraft I by parizadheCthonian by disscordiaMountains Of Madness 03 - Shoggoth and Penguins by iposterbotel jardin del amigo lovecraft by andrescamposR'lyeh by SammaeL89Lovecraft Inspired Dice Cup by Zarganath

Need more? Might I suggest :iconsomk::iconcall-of-cthulhu::iconorder-of-dagon:


Under A Gibbous MoonIt was a dark evening, the light of a starkly gibbous moon shone ominously onto a lone Arkham building. A place rooted firmly into one of the more undesirable districts of that cursed city. The light trickled through into its Georgian interior, as if afraid of the dancing shadows it threw forward like devilish spectres. The pointed ears and peaked form of something alien to the world were cast darkly onto Howard Phillip Lovecraft by the softly tortured light. He sat reading the "The Cask of Amontillado", muttering to himself, strange musings punctuated by the curling of his lips. The cat's shadow disappeared and the scene seemed twisted for a moment, silent but for the screams of another world that could be heard echoing in the dark circuitous passageways of his mind.  
Lovecraft stared stoically at the aged paper before him, pensive as he ignored this all too familiar experience.  He closed the book, self indulgent self hatred and adoration of his erstwhile peer an
A Lovecraft PasticheI put these words to paper in an attempt to set my mind at rest, hoping that in some way the act will purge my mind and soul of certain memories of my youth, in particular my final act as a buccaneer.  I have tried to erase all recollection of that final voyage with strong liquor, with unrestrained hedonism and with numbing opiates, all to no avail.   I still recall vividly how Captain Hart stood like a dead man at the wheel, oblivious to the stinging spray that washed over the decks of the Queen's Lament, his long dark oilskin hanging shroud-like from his lanky frame, his pale strange eyes locked on the distant shape of the Estrella del norte as it fled before the oncoming storm. Below, the crew worked frantically, each man silently cursing the storm, cursing the sea, and cursing the fever that took the boson and half the crew scant days ago.  My place was high atop the mainmast, shivering with cold as I clung to my perch, glass pressed Lovecraft in VillanelleI witnessed dark horrors best left untold
In places most would never dare
As I plunged into the depths of the secrets of old.
I peered into the tombs of rulers long turned cold,
And their cryptic history was laid bare.
I witnessed dark horrors best left untold.
I traversed great ruins cracked and slicked with mold.
We ignored the faded warnings to beware
As I plunged into the depths of the secrets of old.
The world's true origin did unfold
As deeper and darker my descent did fare.
I witnessed dark horrors best left untold.
With knowledge furthered I grew quite bold.
My ignorance led me down without a care
As I plunged into the depths of the secrets of old.
My tale is so gruesome no scholar would uphold
The long secluded horrors I uncovered there.
I witnessed dark horrors best left untold
As I plunged into the depths of the secrets of old.
The Seraphim of Cobwebbed HallsSilently I heard her whispering,
pallid ivory lips soft lisping,
Paper drifting slowly shifting,
from the bedroom's mildewed walls.
In these halls stirs vaguest chanting,
whippoorwills their cries decanting;
psycopomps in midnight sighing,
just outside these mildewed walls.
Huddled forms sprawl stealthily creeping,
countless spiders surging sweeping,
toward the bed where she lies sleeping,
the maiden of these mildewed walls.
Trapped within that pall's mass trembling,
writhes the one I stayed here tending,
all those bleak nights never-ending,
within these wretched mildewed walls.
Blasphemous birds fall shrieking mocking,
through the window thickly flocking,
to snatch the soul of that thing rotting,
my sweet seraphim of cobwebbed halls.
Innsmouth FolkThem’s queer folk up in Innsmouth,
As men do ‘ear it tell’
Them’s not much for outsiders,
Nor for decent folk as well.
Tis a queer place up in Innsmouth,
‘neath smokey clouded skies.
With many a decrepit building,
With board o’er its eyes.
There’s queer things up in Innsmouth,
Wot chatter an ‘a bark.
And queerer things that leap and hop,
In Innsmouth after dark.
There’s queer fish up in Innsmouth,
As come in with the tide.
An’ pagan gods, an’ demons too,
An’ worser things beside.
Them’s queer folk up in Innsmouth,
A’ spoutin’ heathen rites.
To evil things, up from the sea,
Out on the reef at night.
So don’t you go to Innsmouth,
Don’t you take another step.
For of wanderers into Innsmouth,
We aint had none back yet.
speak no more of marble glories.Sometimes I dream the ground is falling from beneath my feet
And I have to run to stay upon the firmament
More often I float in gravitationally weak leaps
Grabbing at lampposts in a desperate bid to change direction
Other times I clutch at straws
there's one street I'm travelling down
From the town of my birth or my last misadventure
I can never tell
It's filled with everyone I've ever met
And every awkward moment and miscommunication
That ever passed between us
I feel their eyes bore into the back of my skull
And know them for my own
Sometimes, silently, we nod at each other.
BenevolenceYour bones are sharp chips of obsidian, lacing the marrow.
and we swallow fish scales,
searching for sad pierrots with silk tears.
desperate hands clamber for the scars of youth;
a childish whisper wrapped in the cloth of moth-eaten raincoats.
We curled in the cold light of the letterbox
drinking in the weight of unmarked stamps
from the Dead Sea.
I held broken satellites to your lips
so you could kiss the stars
and you whispered prayer to Botticelli
and the colours of Lovecraft
tissue-papered with gold.
We trip over the wings of bluebird cries
as snow melts our teeth like wax
and blood the colour of crushed red velvet
that we hold close to beating hearts.
we left our ear in the hum of shells
where the salt water flowed;
hoping the ocean would hear us in return.
later placing bruised necks to hang from dusty curtains
in reds and blues
speaking Latin to the souls of saints
a gospel of secrets for the damned.
your mouth shaped the petals of fleurs-de-lis
a worship to Pandora
and the sins
AzathothQuiet horror,
Cosmic mind older than the earth,
A vestige of ancient madness
Seething through the cracks of space,
Amorphous blasphemy bubbling and frothing
In the silence outside darkness,
Immortal chaos, the harbinger of dissolution
Is hungry.
His existence trembles with lust and death.
Entropy fills his belly
And he vomits forth the end.
Madness and violence fill the universe
And the end times are finally upon us.
After all is settled and done,
Azathoth sated and the crawling chaos abated,
Silence reigns again
And the circle begins anew.
:thumb193176140: Purgatory Will Smell Like M...Purgatory Will Smell Like Mothballs
I. Possibly Dried Sweat As Well
Dear diary, who guards the diaries of the dead?
Does the same inviolate law protect their innards
as when their writers, still breathing, cried out to them;
or are their secrets sealed by older laws - do readers
of such diaries, gibbering, join the cult of ghouls?
Are analogies more apt - I think they are, and that
the readers of these diaries, tasting sweet, warm flesh
of memory, hunger for its taboo taste again
and so become ghoulish (in a literary sense).
These thick thoughts and others more profane envelop me
as I breathe the mothballs of your attic and the chest
of papers, envelopes, and diaries - neatly pinned
to them your note, saying you want them - wanted them - burned.
II. The Kind of Smells Given Off By Old Places No One Wants to Go
Dear diary,
who guards the diaries of the dead?
Does the same inviolate law
protect their innards
as when their writers, still breathing,
cried out to them;
Bayou DreamsThunder rolls ancient drums across the sky
deep in the swamp water Bayou priests chant
their voices linger far across the hills
where the rains darken in electric skies
charged with spirits called up from dreamland sleep
where dead they long awaited in slumber
awakened by forbidden rituals
beneath the midnight's cyclopean eye
ever watching dancers deep in the bog
painted in the deep earthen rich dark mud
to play among their old bitter bones
summoning the Old Ones from their mire
to once again reclaim their enthroned place
it is the distant whisper Cthulhu
Elegy from the UndeadMy soul sings an elegy to yours, bends and twists,
fills every void, a spiritual pornography of explicit bliss,
an ebb and flow of our pulses kept close by embrace.
there will never be daylight in my dreams, love
only the perpetual midnight of our bodies
tangled and content
awkward and perfect at once

You are the neverending echelons of my heart,
infinitesmal bliss and euphoria and lust, All-in-One,
bound in trinity amid the celestial womb of space and time,
which begets every longing fantasy
and punctuates every moment aching to hold you still.
purpureous in purpose,
with purest passion

You are that beast devouring me,
wild, impassioned predator, knowing
just exactly those choicest cuts of meat
and delighting in the bones and sinews
which would crack and sing, if just for your blade.
quarter me, sear my flesh
and sink that blade in deep

You are, too, that victim killing me so ineffably,
offering up the exact fare my heart seeks,
every ounce of suffering the

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Traditional Tuesdays #47***WARNING: Viewing these works of art may cause giddiness, elevated heart rates, and happiness in the pants(which could lead to blindness)! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!***

Now with the warming out of the way, Hi, and welcome to edition number forty-seven of Traditional Tuesdays. This week, like all  of the other weeks, I'll be featuring fifteen works of art from the Traditional Gallery. Any more than that might and you might loss interest or it could cause your monitor to fail in an explosion of awesomeness.  I would feel guilty if that were to happen, so I'm keeping it at fifteen! The
Traditional gallery is a vast storeroom of work that covers many mediums and genres. I've tried to show a diverse array of artwork, but I don't have room for them all. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Prompt: December 24, 2012Feature

Santa Fe de Bogota by AzizrianDaoXrak.
"I know that in your swelling city heart
you long por el mar, por la sal del mar,
but instead you straddle the roads,
hunker down over your landscape and breathe"

This poem by AzizrianDaoXrak is a gorgeously bilingual piece that uses the word, monachopsis (noun, the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place), from our last prompt to jump off into a cityscape that's at once urban and poetic. The way the speaker of the poem effortlessly slips from Spanish to English and vice versa creates a beautifully musical sound, as well as giving the poem a remarkably personal touch. This is a lovely poem of language that becomes very personal to the reader, as it depends on the reader's knowledge of Spanish (or English) - either way, it's a fantastically vivid work of writing that deserves your time.
Merry Christmas: A Feature!:icongood-intention:
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your's this holiday season! I want to wish you all days filled with happy memories and partaking in the small acts of kindness that can really pay off on this big holiday.
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Colors ContestThis was the hardest contest I have ever judged. All the entries were outstanding. I read, re-read, re-read again and had them read to me while I closed my eyes and let the images enthrall me. Every poem submitted was a gem...a treasure, so making a decision was incredibly difficult. My thanks to all of you for the enjoyable reading - every piece inspired me. I am pleased to announce the winners:
1st place: Color Wheel: One by :iconTheGlassIris:  
2nd place:  The Other Girl's Eyes by :iconTheLastSongbird:  
3rd Place:  other shades by  :iconnicolemonique:  
Honorable Mentions:
Supernova  by  :icondance-of-aquaiu:  
Blue by  :iconObsidian-Nightfall:  
Court Martial of Grey by  :iconDreamydeb:  
A Cavalcade of Gold by  :icontimeraider:  
Chartreuse by  :iconRainevyre:  


100 Poem Project Update!
Current progress: 67/100
Also note that the terribly sweet SayaStarshine took a look at my list and decided she wanted to do it, too! She is using the same topics as me, and you can find the link to her stuff here.


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