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Fabulous Friday Feature 12: Alice in Wonderland

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 20, 2012, 8:24 PM
in Wonderland by SsGirloAlice in Wonderland by laselwooAlice Stamp for jimandpam by ZetasAlice: Madness Returns Stamp by Nocturne--PixieI support DLD by HugQueenI suggest DDs. Do you? by archaemic

Greetings, all, and welcome to my twelfth


This week's theme is one of my favorite artistic and literary themes of all time: Alice in Wonderland. Just a quick peek and my gallery will show you how much I love Alice! Next week's feature is also going to be based on literature: H. P. Lovecraft! If you've got someone you think should be featured in next Friday's Feature, send me a note with a link to their gallery and I'll take a peek ;) I'd also love to hear about other features, particularly themed ones. I'll list those in the bottom section to help spread the word! The same goes for contests or news articles!

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Finally, to everyone celebrating Yule and Christmas: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

And now, without any further ado: THE FEATURES!


Visual Art

Jabberwocky by JOEYDESThe Jabberwocky by chriskuhlmannGallifreyan 020 - Jabberwocky (complete) by ThorUF72Jabberwocky by freaky-dragonlady:thumb200051150:'Jabberwocky' by rainbow-colorTwas Brillig II by vitaliaWonderland by Last-Nenya:thumb317161389:Jabberwocky Redesign by StacyLeFevreAlice Tea Time.2 by Della-StockAlice Stock 02 by MeetMeAtTheLake2NiteMe as a Hatter by YoshimayThrough the looking-glass. by frruliAlice by turnerstokensAlice In Wonderland by ladysilver2267Alice in Wonderland - Caterpillar WIP by VersusArt92Alice Vase by pennydoxFIMO Alice in Death on flowers by buzhandmadeAlice in Wonderland Inspired by marmartica

In a Jabberwocky MoodThe umbralings worg
Frothed lights in the throlly mools
Gowls and lunps at dusk
we should be old by nowHis soles are in the sidewalk
and I have trouble breathing such
tendencies; such inclinations to
dance, even as the violets collapse
beneath the incling
--fjeld rocket-launching into the
air: seclusion arisen.
God, his cigarettes are bread crumbs
on the ground; oh, the tendrils,
tendrils of pity
and worry
and sickness winding
beneath those shoulder blades, striding,
two jackets to keep the cold out.
I make both of us sick
and there's coffee in the cracks
in the sidewalk in the ground,
plants rising with baited breath
to scour the sky blueless.
Pollution tastes so pure
when all you see is destruction,
and oil spills are just rainbows
unless it's in your backyard and
there's a spark in your arthritic arm
and it drops.
Firelight is in our eyes tonight,
salted green, waving windless.
And oh all the smoke(?)
it makes me sick to be so near;
nearly there.
My thoughts are on the pages
on the table on the brink
of destruction because nothing
is beautiful unless there are
there is Alice in her hairwanderset on
destination furthest
point: away, come away
birdlike, with feathers
ripping through her pores
there is alice in her hair,
irrevocable sorrow
her Heart:muscle
wants to wind
so that when she falls
she'll fall into space
follow her down to,
china-strewn linoleum floors
and wallpaper patterns
like shower curtains
wonderland? is dark (without
the luciferin lightningbug
love of her life)
& bloody fingernails reach
for the sun that was taken
away [come away]
she thinks she cannot speak
&her spine is just a thread
the medicine is messing with her head
whispers:(sometimes she believes
life is better dead)
so she stands on a chair
with thick, itchy twine
hanging pictures of herself
crooked by design remind me of the cheshire cat,
restrained chaos hiding behind a perpetual grin,
the insanity is always justified by the win,
your immortal attire, your lackluster eyes,
the way you teach me nothing,
the way everything is a lie.
i remind you of the mad hatter,
tea parties full of sad expressions,
confused verbs and endless lessons,
misshapen top hats, tattered gloves,
the one who stands beside you,
the one you can't help but love.
almost aliceSometimes I almost feel like Alice.
sleeping off their dull words
and dreaming of girls dressed in white
that will whisk me away
with the talk of petticoats and pocket watches.
Alice-SongI don't know how to be a woman,
that soft, coddled creature, all back-lit
hair & skin that smells
so good you could hurt it
bakewell tarts
& pussies like orchids
I'm too black-eyed &
tired, my hair smells like
forest fires. Theseus won't write
me love letters anymore
& when I cry on the bus
it's at a child, quiet yelps
of a black-jawed vixen
as she listens to the Alice-song
of those flower-cunts purring,
Why do you have to make
being sad
so ugly?
because I don't understand
how to be a woman, that
the hammered envelope
of obedience
or the little girl that
sits in my stomach and swings her
shiny shoes,
:thumb109949571: Gateway Drug TheoryBetween dreams of curious reaction,
I follow this addiction to your deleterious delight.
Hallucinated whispers of Cheshire smiles formed under starry skies,
propel me to leap from cardhouse rooftops, catching sunrises
between gnashed teeth with lips forced into a bow.
In the impulsive waking hours,
I crave you between fingertips and lips,
welcoming the ribbons of soothing lies
puffed by caterpillar, and await metamorphosis
from something more than fantasy.
But in the six o'clock hour of murdered time,
a wonderland between sheets is riddled.
[Un]enjoyed tea for fanfare too late,
I collapsed along with the rabbit hole.
Written: 4/17/2012
Revised: 4/25/2012

Copyright 2012 Jen Fowler
All Rights Reserved.
:thumb278622082: Alice"She's fucking POISON," my friends would say.
Beautifully morbid, like an Alice who tumbled
on a fourth in the month of May.
Beautifully morbid, like an Alice who tumbled
down the rabbit hole. Into her dreams,
my beautiful Alice has now stumbled.
Down the rabbit hole, into her dreams,
those nighmarish and ghoulish shadows
where nothing is everything as it seems.
Those nightmarish and ghoulish shadows,
the twisted pair of the hare and the hatter
are hellbent on stringing you up in the gallows.
The twisted pair of the hare and the hatter,
sitting comfortably at the Red Queen's party,
just want you for tea. So, what is the matter?
Sitting comfortably at the Red Queen's party,
held in the honor of your unbirthday,
feeding upon the once healthy and hearty.
Held in the honor of your unbirthday,
the day of your death arrived
on a fourth in the month of May.

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